Out with the boys in the Cocora Valley

Taking old Jeeps (called Willys, for a bit of smutty humour) we drive out of Salento into the Paque Nacional Los Nevados along the central Andean range. Standing in the back with the wind rushing through my hair I am amazed at the stunning mountain scenery around me. Green lush grass & grazing cattle, towering peaks reaching to the heavens, tumbling streams, volcanic landscape transformed by glacial erosion & above us eagles or kites soar the thermals. Contradictions include tall skinny palm trees ( at 2,600 metres!!!), a trout farm, Friesan cattle & cowboys. Hey, this is Colombia!!

20141016150750_IMG_4938 20141016151232_IMG_4948 20141016155057_IMG_4966

Then the boys appear from the tracks around, moving cattle like the real thing, or hanging around the corals looking cool. I tell you these are real men – well as near to real men as you can be with a dirty hat on your head & a poncho over your shoulder.

20141016171149_IMG_5014 20141016161746_IMG_4988 20141016161806_IMG_4993

No apologies for showing this guy twice – what a face. He must be training for Movember! Please notice the must- have accessory of a poncho. Every real man needs one. Look great out here but probably look bit sad wearing out on George Sreet on a Friday night. It lies flat over the shoulder when leaning on the bar or the corale but has a 1,000 uses for you real men when required – obviously keeps you warm & dry when out in the mountains, covers your backpack when on a motorbike, acts as a blanket at night, use as a whip to get your nag going; oh and this!!!!:


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