Hello Greece

Arrived in Skathioss last night. Now preparing the boat & collecting supplies for two weeks around Aegean with good friends Lynn & Steve and Chris & Denise..




Here is the boat – sorry, catermaran. It’s huge. Four cabins, 2 in each hull. And that is captain Steve fiddling about with his ropes – a essential skill. I am told and one I will have to learn if we are not to loose fenders. Yes, it has proper sails!



See you when I can find WiFi.



Early ferry across the Bay of Naples to Napoli

Have a quick espresso while waiting for the midday ferry at the port at Sorrento


What an ancient city Naples is! ! Full of narrow, haunting streets, full of history & stories. From the sea, domes and crosses compete with tall, elegant, apartment buildings, those flaking & crumbling in juxta position to renovated classy restaurants & shops, for sky space. Layers of muted coloured buildings, all between four & seven stories high, stretch up the hills around the harbour.






A walk around the corner and crowds are watching power boat race around the bay. A real spectacle.


I cannot say goodbye to Naples without leaving you with an image of Vesuvius!


Hotel Riccardo Francischiello

Some images of the hotel – highly recommended in all aspects. Good inexpensive but high quality restaurant, friendly, helpful staff, wonderful roof top pool and scenery to die for overlooking the island of Capri.





Local buses to Nerano Cantone

A few more images of Sorrento.




From Sorrento buses dash around narrow windy lanes hugging the coast or clinging to hillsides. The driver eats a choc ice in one hand and steers & blasts horn at every bend with other. Then he sorts out his headphones!

Two local buses, change at San Agata, takes you through Termini to the stoney beach at Nerano. Plush hotels & restaurants hug a small bay of pebbles and stones shadowed by tall cliffs at each end.



Amongst the sunseekers and sun loungers some locals still find time to work & fish.


Hello Italy

Just an hour down the coast from Naples – the coastline jewel around Sorrento.

The view of Capri from the hotel. It’s the same from the balcony that greets the morning as the shutters open.


Sunset last night over the Bay of Naples & over the island of Ischia.







Goodbye Maldives

Last night we cruised into Male, passed the airport terminal and moored about 30 minutes away.


IMG_1920 End Day 7

In the morning, we have our breakfast, move to the quay right outside the terminal with trolleys on the quayside and say goodbye to the crew.

There’s the room boy Ahmed – nice hair!!

1 crew 5

The waiter Assadh who kept an eye on me from the inflatable cause my mask kept leaking when in the water – nice eyes, eh?!!

1 crew 41

Bablu the cook, from Bangladesh, who worked wonders in his little galley – the one with the white T shirt.

1 crew 11

And Captain Laray

1 crew 14

And this was our route –




Snorkling at Embudhoo Reef

Leaving Fulidhoo we start to make our way back to Male. On the way we meet up with & snorkle alongside 3 manta rays like huge beating carpetsĀ  & a large pod of dolphins who are clever enough to lead us on a merry chase around the boats.

IMG_1920 Day 7q1


The Embudhoo reef & sandbank was a bit scarey. Whilst some snorkled along the reef a group of us were off loaded from the small boats to explore the small sandbank for an hour. The single feature was this 2 metre high cone of dead coral. From the sandbank 3 reef sharks were spotted gently swimming around about 3 metres from shore. Each was about 3 metres in length. Needless to say none of us chose to go into the water at this juncture.

IMG_1920 Day 7y