Saturday night in Cartagena

We have flown north to the city of Cartagena, founded by the Spanish in 15 something to collect together & send home their gold & emeralds. Drake is a dirty word around here. Arrived late due to heavy rain in the mountains but in time to enjoy a really buzzing scene in the Old Town. You can smell the heat & the energy in the streets & squares as salsa beats outout from doors & windows, fed by screeching busker saxes & guitar rythmns. Bars squeeze their clientelle in from the streets or around precarious metal tables. Young & old sit around on church steps or stone walls, cafe chairs or crosslegged on flagstones absorbing the atmosphere in the steamy, humid, heat of the night.

20141018234633_IMG_5193 20141018235242_IMG_5199 20141018234804_IMG_5196 20141019005711_IMG_5223 20141019033220_IMG_5254 20141019033516_IMG_5262 20141019033947_IMG_5282 20141018234911_IMG_5198

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