The colour that is Salento

The trials of yesterday were quickly forgotten when we discovered Salento. We have flown west from Bogota to the Los Nevados National Park. Salento is a small quaint town high up in the Andes on the edge of the park. I captured this simple image immediately outside the hotel. It was a sign of the pleasures to come.


As you enter the town square, first impressions are of colour, freshness & clear air. As ever the peaks of the Andes dwarf the town & above everything huge expances of open blue & billowing, growing cloud breath down on us all.


The town council provide paint free to businesses & households. Look what they get for their money:


Buildings require regular upkeep. I like these two images of the guy at work – one taken in the morning & one in the afternoon.20141016144928_IMG_4884 20141016205551_IMG_5088

The square is home to the omnipresent church, bars, shops & the bank. There is one street off it that is the main drag with loads of small shops selling good quality tourist tat; actually to be fair it is better than most. These guys are opening up for the day.


There are so many colourful characters about I could fill pages with their images. This is hats & poncho country where real men strut their stuff. Here are a few:

20141016142534_IMG_4823 20141016142737_IMG_4831 20141016145528_IMG_4902

But these are my two favourite images. What do you think?

20141016143501_IMG_4849 20141016202122_IMG_5046


I wish I looked that good in my hats!

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