The mediaeval hamlet of Anghiari

Only a conversation over dinner with a friendly waitress opens the delights of the small hamlet of Anghiari. It is not mentioned in the Rough Guide and so is almost deserted except for a few tourists. The hamlet is situated on a hill overlooking the Umbrian plains. A Roman road connects it to the town of Sansepolcro a few miles away. The old town nestles its narrow streets within the old walls that are no more than 100 metres across. It is like going back in time to wander the steps & narrow, dark alleys.



20140904104841_IMG_3443 20140904104832_IMG_3442





Stepping through the gates in the walls leads to the small piazza and the adjoining Roman road that links the peace & silence of Anghiari to the outside world.

20140904112105_IMG_3489 20140904112720_IMG_3502

In the distance you can see the town of Sansepolcro – a quiet town which holds a crossbow competition in a few weeks time, so continuing the mediaeval history theme that every town & village in the area seems to promote.

20140904132156_IMG_3543 20140904134849_IMG_3576 20140904135404_IMG_3578 20140904140054_IMG_3585 20140904140136_IMG_3588 20140904132944_IMG_3549


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