Leaving Umbria for Lake Como

The early departure means the capture of the mists rising amongst the hilltops around the valley creating a mythical landscape of mystery & legend.


The drive up past Milan to Como brings us to the grand Italian lake where elegance & romance mix in culture, buildings, landscape & people.


The town of Como has the usual old centre where the well- to-do while away their Saturday with long lunches amongst the towers & spires of the mediaeval buildings & piazzas.

20140906124619_IMG_3649 20140906125738_IMG_3680 20140906124738_IMG_3658 20140906130555_IMG_3700

Tourists wander the same streets & squares and then to cool down take a two ball gelato or queue for a ticket on the old steamers for a quick cruise on the water.


The locals find shade wandering through the trees of park. Who said romance was dead? Well, the guy in the van sold a can of coke for 6 Euros. Steep enough to kill any thought of ¬†romance don’t you think?

20140906135633_IMG_3762 20140906143549_IMG_3809 20140906142743_IMG_3797 20140906143656_IMG_3813 20140906135538_IMG_3759 20140906141208_IMG_3770 20140906143902_IMG_3817

We leave Como, and, sadly, Italy, with a magnificent drive through alpine passes and the St Bernard pass & tunnel in particular. This route is thoroughly recommended for awesome, gob smacking glimpses & views of peaks & ranges & streams & glacial rivers & lakes & castles & churches & forts & farms. Awesome.

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