A gentle drive around Lago di Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno is the fourth largest body of water in Italy and on its banks Hannibal thrashed the Romans. There are two main settlements around the shore. Passignano is small with a cluster of bars around the shore, a small church & some dilapidated battlements. Short piers straddle into the shallow waters from where passenger ferries depart for the outlying islands.

20140903135410_IMG_3332 20140903140328_IMG_3343 20140903143326_IMG_3350

Around the lake on the opposite side lies Castiglione del Lago – as it suggests a ‘castle on the lake’ with the duomo on the land end of a narrow ridge & castle remains & a tower on the part that juts into the water of the lake. A narrow street joins the two.

20140903155109_IMG_3384 20140903154851_IMG_3379

Along this main drag bars, restaurants, pizzarias, gelaterias & shops selling local products to tourists stretch in a thin line from the small piazza, with its essential fountain, where all the action takes place (well, action is an over exaggeration for the handful of locals passing their time away).

20140903154205_IMG_3367 20140903154307_IMG_3370 20140903162559_IMG_3413 20140903164346_IMG_3428 20140903165154_IMG_3436 20140903163405_IMG_3418

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