Jousting in Arezzo

Frequently in Italy you come across a place, a town, a smell, a sight or a site, music or sounds that will hit all your senses and take your breathe away and it will be by pure chance. That is what happen in the city if Arezzo.

It started well walking up from the carpark down in the modern part of town through the stone streets up to the main piazza. Art installations have been hung across between the tall buildings & tourists and locals  eat ice creams, drink coffee, studybuildings, visit churches and a few enter the very classy & rather expensive antique & jewellery shops.

20140902145018_IMG_3025 20140902145914_IMG_3039 20140902152355_IMG_3049 20140902172105_IMG_3300 20140902151134_IMG_3044 20140902172233_IMG_3306

The first sign that something special is going on are the flags that are hanging from the  buildings all the way up and all the locals are wearing different scarves or have flags draped around their shoulders. At the top off the old town this guy is waiting down a narrow side street with a group of horses and the piazza can just be seen with a suggestion of something special taking place.


The full splendour of the event unfolds – practice for the annual jousting competition which takes place between different quartets of the city (hence the colours & flags).

Enjoy the images and feel the atmosphere.

20140902154627_IMG_3102 20140902161015_IMG_3162 20140902162858_IMG_3222 20140902154606_IMG_3100 20140902155813_IMG_3128 20140902161148_IMG_3166 20140902170559_IMG_3276

Spectators support their teams, applauding each successful pass/hit of the target; the riders avoid the swinging wooden balls as in mediaeval times; others enjoy the bars while they wait for their practice session; shopkeepers wait for the action the be over to get a bit of trade; photographers capture the events for local media.






20140902161929_IMG_3201 20140902161756_IMG_3194 20140902160410_IMG_3139 20140902160845_IMG_3158 20140902160850_IMG_3159 20140902170624_IMG_3277

Finally, as the sun sets and plays chasing patterns with the clouds, the day is tapped off with wine & pasta.


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