A flavour of Perugia

Perugia is anothet hill-town with a mediaeval centre. Narrow, dark streets spread down the hill from the main piazzas with an almost Dickension feel as tall tenament terraces reach up to the shy and compete with each other & bell towers & spires for the available light.


The town hinges around a single wide street with the duomo at one end and a view over the valley at the other. At street level modern facades house a range of cosmopolitan shops, bars & cafes and 4/5 floors of offices & apartments & cultural exhibitions tower over them.



20140901154125_IMG_3008 20140901150818_IMG_3007 20140901145303_IMG_2987

Locals go about their everyday business.

20140901142432_IMG_2963 20140901145802_IMG_3000 20140901142656_IMG_2973

The local radio station houses some quirky images in an old wine cellar

20140901140933_IMG_2928 20140901141119_IMG_2931

On the way home we discover the delights of the Girasoli di Sant Andrea restaurant. They make their own wine, they press their own olive oil, rear their own beef & cure their own ham. This all makes for a magnificent meal topped off with dessert – ‘The Five Deadly Sins’.


Start in bottom left corner & work your way around clockwise. The last element is a cocoa covered profiterole with 72% chocolate. Heaven! Stuffed!!



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