Ger Camp Mix and Match

Here is a little activity for you. As you know I have been hammered around this harsh, open landscape for several days now. After hours on the Cheese Grater it its with huge relief that we come to that night’s ger camp. Your task is to match descriptions of each ger camp to the image. They each have three things in common: they consist of a number of white circular gers, a bit like oil storage tanks, they are located somewhere on this vast, flat plain, they each have a separate dining ger or block. Correct answers to follow. Award yourself some yak’s curd as a prize just for taking part. I am sure Waitrose will stock it.

Ger camp 1


Ger camp 2


Ger camp 3


Ger camp 4


Ger camp 5


Camp A

This is an eco camp with a Big Drop (exactly what it says on the can and common throughout Mongolia) sawdust toilet. Rather than flush with water one dumps and then dumps again with, yes, sawdust.

Camp B

The premiere camp in the whole of Mongolia with green satin walls, ensuite shower and toilet, and a cinema ger, with a group of sculptured yaks standing guard outside. This camp has 24 hour power although no water in the early hours of the morning.

Camp C

Stalag GerCamp surrounded by a chain link fence with a  wooden, guarded entrance where Brits, Germans, Italians, Chinese scrummage and jumblesale it over available food at meal times and power is only provided between 8 & 11pm.

Camp D

This camp is at the entrance to a nature reserve where flies gang up on any tourist trying to absorb the ambiance. Long trousers, long sleeves, hoods and covered faces are the order of the day but it has water and power ask day and night.

Camp E

Really in the middle of nowhere and a few km out of Nowhere, the only energy provided for a couple of hours at night in the eating ger. A single candle provides light in each sleeping ger with no matches, so once you blow it out, that’s it until daylight.

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