In the Middle of Nowhere

At some points the four vehicles are racing side by side on this 44 lane Santa Pod, rough track, off-road highway. Gentle rises and dips spread ahead through the hard landscape, the only difference being that over the hours the vegetation dies out even more and the rocks and stones and dust take over permanently. Having covered 400 kilometres over this harsh, hard, unrelenting surface, hammering along at speed over the rough side of a cheese grater for 12 hours, we arrive at a small town. We officially name it ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ or Nowhere for short. In Mongolian it is Bayangobi ……… in the Middle of Nowhere.

This is the small town/village of Sevrei ….. in the Middle of Nowhere.

And this is Bayanzag which has a small regional airport ….. in the middle of nowhere and serving ….who, exactly – other than tourists who want to get our of Nowhere.


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