Farewell Laos

I have spent my last night in Laos in a cabin in the southern jungle. I am sitting on a bench overlooking this waterfall absorbing the early morning sounds of cascading water, humming insects, screeching birds & leaves disturbed by a general, fresh breeze.


Today it is across the Mekong border to Thailand & then home. Memories like this that I take back with me – sunrises & sunsets, lazy rivers & dusty lands, high forested peaks & tangled wet jungles, wriggling leeches & cool water buffalo, the class & sophistication of Lubang Prabang & Vientiane & the relentless challenge of harvesting & working the land elsewhere, modern crew cab trucks & 2 stroke tuk tuks & scooters & small Honda motorbikes, waterfalls & wide sandbanks. Thank you Laos for your tapestry of life in your hard but beautiful land.

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