The Thangka cleanses my sins

The Paro festival ends on the fifth day with the display of a huge Thangka painting which is hauled out every year. Anyone who sees it has their sins cleansed so the whole town gets up early to walk up to the festival ground. It is displayed from 2.30 am until sunrise. A 4 o’clock call ensures I start the day nice & clean!!!!

20150403234327_IMG_4183 20150403234901_IMG_4194 20150403235723_IMG_4215 20150403235242_IMG_4203

It gets better. In the mountains outside Park is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. It was built in the 8th century by monks who were convinced the Flying Tiger landed here. How they built it then I do not know. It is 600 metres up the mountain and I trekked 6 km up to it. It took 3 hours to the monastery through the early morning clouds. Then we had the same trek down. Am knackered!!

20150404025214_IMG_4263 20150404034344_IMG_4279

Tomorrow I leave this mountain kingdom and fly to Katmandu. After a day it is an early morning flight to Delhi and then onward to the UK. See you guys all very soon.

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