The colourful delights of the Paro Festival

Paro is an ordinary, medium sized town of 60,000 people. It has normal people living normal lives. At this time every year the place is transformed when it holds a 5 day festival. There is a hint in the short main street as visitors from all over Bhutan & locals parade up & down dressed in their best finery, men & women looking very glam.20150403024810_IMG_3449 20150403103203_IMG_4159 20150403093322_IMG_4143

The crowds gather outside the dzong (fort, remember) to watch the monks depicting their teachings through dance. Brightly coloured costumes & terrifying masks make a real spectacle, as does the appreciative audience. I am there for day 4 – the dance of the Lord of death and his consort (Shinje Yab Yum!!!).

20150403031644_IMG_3480 20150403040743_IMG_3583 20150403045450_IMG_3706 20150403054803_IMG_3864 20150403033859_IMG_3518 20150403052335_IMG_3781 20150403050634_IMG_3756

Locals share their food, fill in the plot and the characters & share jokes & stories. I am just going to put up a few images so you get the flavour of the event. Enjoy, I did.

20150403064508_IMG_4040 20150403065329_IMG_4072 20150403042645_IMG_3628 20150403031947_IMG_3485 20150403062650_IMG_3997 20150403061435_IMG_3956

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