In and around Pelling in the Himalayan foothills

Today is a chance to explore, in the bus & on foot, in & around the town of Pelling. The haze lifts for a bit and the sun warms the valleys & hillsides. The first stop is a village that dots its houses, shops & barns along the winding road.

20150326024131_IMG_1442 20150326025846_IMG_1498 20150326024905_IMG_1465 20150326025854_IMG_1501 20150326030604_IMG_1504 20150326035240_IMG_1552

The next stop is a chance to walk around Kecheopelri or the Wishing Lake. A small cafe, a tatty gift shed, a tiny Buddhist prayer wheel & monastry huddle at the top of the path that leads to the lake itself – considered the most holy lake in Sikkim and a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists & Hindus alike.

20150326043311_IMG_1598 20150326044822_IMG_1615 20150326043105_IMG_1593 20150326041504_IMG_1575 20150326040814_IMG_1565


Pemayangtse Monastery is the second oldest and is one of the 60 still active in the kingdom. As well as the male monkss, young boys age 7 to 13 attend for up to 3 years. Its members are devotees of a mystical type of Tantric Buddhism characterised by the red caps they wear.

20150326065749_IMG_1635 20150326065814_IMG_1637 20150326074217_IMG_1699 20150326074843_IMG_1706


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