Stanley for my last dinner

From pier 5 I get a taxi & head over to the south of Hong Kong Island and to Stanley. The dual carriageway goes straight under the central mountains before curving around the coast through the well heeled districts of Discovery Bay. This is where the big shiney cars are. The expats, the rich & famous, the businessmen & the bankers live here. At the end of the road is Stanley.

Stanley feels like an oriental Bournemouth with a wide esplanade to wander along, a harbour to gaze at, lights to set the mood & a Pizza Hut to dine at.




This very English feeling place still has some contrasting images.20141218090946_IMG_7682 20141218090343_IMG_7679 20141218092308_IMG_7696 20141218091122_IMG_7688 20141218095616_IMG_7707



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