The high speed ferry to Cheung Chau Isuland

This morning I take the high speed ferry to Cheung Chau Island, a small island off the western shore. The ferry gently eases back into the harbour, sets its sights around the west edge of Hong Kong Island, growls to the world & attacks the waves. Up it goes on its triplanes, tonnes of vessel leaning as it charges through the harbour traffic like a motor cyclist on the Isle of Man moto GP course.

20141218040609_IMG_7510 20141218052453_IMG_7585 20141218051703_IMG_7579 20141218043847_IMG_7538 20141218052716_IMG_7589 20141218052816_IMG_759720141218040516_IMG_7505 20141218054520_IMG_7641 20141218055043_IMG_7644 20141218053755_IMG_7626

The harbour is a mess of fishing vessels of all shapes & sizes from large trawlers to small squid boats to junks to coracles to palettes, yes wooden palettes to go between shore & ship. A real working fishing island. The quayside is noisey & crowded with locals, school children, fishermen & sellers. The best purchase is the fresh custard tarts – absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous.

The busy working shore is a facade to a maze of small narrow streets where normal life takes place on a micro scale. Streets are a few metres across so any deliveries are by cart, builders’ vehicles & rubbish cards are on a mini scale as is the local ambulance – just like micro cart city.


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