Descending into Central

It is a bit like that. From my viewpoint on floor 16 in Kennedy Town, Victoria Road & others skirt the highrisers & then seem to change direction & head straight in between the highrisers & disappear into the depths of Central Hong Kong with their traffic of trams & buses & taxis & delivery lorries.

20141215045633_IMG_6177 20141215071402_IMG_6280 20141215071708_IMG_6283

Once inside space shrinks, the sky gets smaller up, up there in the distance and the buildings impinge on the pavements as if on huge gantries of gigantic rollers. Millions of windows stare down at us from the heights of layers of stacked eggboxes – minute creatures rushing about on the streets like busy ants going about our business. Central is sustained by arteries of streets & thoroughfares. The larger ones carry the human lifeblood of the city in their trams & buses & cars & taxis. The smaller arteries are a narrow hustle bustle, jingle jangle of parked cars, jammed vehicles, rushing pedestrians, each overhung with a mosaic of signs & shapes & colour.

20141215075145_IMG_6321 20141215072958_IMG_6304 20141215075440_IMG_632720141215075221_IMG_632420141215080151_IMG_6335

In amongst this huge nest of streets & buildings, people go about their business.

20141215074722_IMG_6315 20141215054041_IMG_6200 20141215070636_IMG_6276 20141215055741_IMG_6232 20141215071829_IMG_6289 20141215075755_IMG_6332

People are so resilient. Amongst all this pace & energy & endless hurry they are able to find a small space for peace & tranquility & spiritual sustenance whether it be an oasis of a green park in the desert of cement & steel & glass & tarmac or the spiritual haven of a Buddhist temple nestled under the protective stares of a thousand guardian warriors.

20141215060958_IMG_6264 20141215060626_IMG_6255 20141215054354_IMG_6208


Some are just out for a chilling lunch to restore energy levels & raise their spirits.


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