Arrival in Hong Kong

I am not sure how I’m gonna do this one. Since arriving at the airport my senses have been bombarded with sounds & smells & colour & noise & touch & bumps & smiles & grins & frowns & stares & peace & harmony & turmoil & crowds & queues & calmness & rush & traffic & cars & buses & people & parks & stillness.

Hong Kong is a wonderful muddle of cultures & lifestyles & religions, all huddled together & mixed up on this pimple of rocks & islands on the side of China. It is made up of the New Territories which is part of theĀ mainland with Kowloon on the southern tip. Imagine the top of a monk’s head. The high rises edge the coast in a thick hectic mass of cement, steel & glass leaving a rocky, mountainy bald pate of a centre with trees, monasteries, tranquility & peace.

Off the coast but connected to each other & the mainland by a spaghetti tangle of tunnels & bridges & ferries lie the many islands of different sizes, Hong Kong Island being the largest one.

I think I will start with a collection of images of everyday life for Hong Kong people starting with the apartment that is my home during my stay – the view inside & out. I stood facing opposite directions to take these.

20141216010213_IMG_6581 20141216022103_IMG_6591


Images of Kennedy Town, the local neighbourhood now follow with views across Victoria Harbour & images of the community. The original tram system still operates linking Kennedy Town to Happy Valley across the top of the island.

20141215042105_IMG_6131 20141215043840_IMG_6160 20141216034444_IMG_6616 20141215042750_IMG_6140

Right, more will follow as I move out from this base.




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