A chance sighting opens up Montefiascone



Driving through the Lazio countryside we catch a glimpse of Montefiascone through the olive & fruit trees. The duomo rears up high, perched on the rim of an old volcano and dominates the skyline. The car seems to turn in that direction automatically.

Taking the lift up from the carpark (yes, lift) the small Etruscan old town is like going back in time. Up close the 17th century duomo is equally impressive as it is from a distance. This is yet another landmark on the pilgrim route that links Canterbury & Rome – the Via Francigena.

20140828153308_IMG_2644 20140828161633_IMG_2727 20140828155132_IMG_2677 20140828154401_IMG_2661


Everyday life of modern Italians is evident throughout the mediaeval streets that crowd around the duomo.

20140828153852_IMG_2656 20140828155415_IMG_2687 20140828165819_IMG_2780


The surprise, having snaked a route through the shadows of these narrow alleys is arriving at the western gate to see the whole of Lake Bolzano & surrounding countryside spread out before you in the glorious colours of the setting sun which sets up shadows to give an extra dimension to the landscape & atmosphere.

20140828155738_IMG_2696 20140828160246_IMG_2708



As always, the town square is the hub of all the streets & alleys and of town life. The omnipresent fountain provides the focal point for whiling away time or chatting or just sitting to contemplate the day. I like this guy- people come to him!!20140828163200_IMG_2750






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