Lago di Bolsena has it all

We have the sat nav to thank for discovering this place. Having decided to drive towards the coast we drop down to Lake Bolsena, the largest in Lazio & occupying a broad volcanic crater with its own microclimate around its shore where vines & olive trees grow in the fertile soil. The town of Bolsena has elegant avenues of huge deciduous trees leading to the shore, mediaeval nooks & alleyways running off the main drag and a 14th century castle perched over the western edge of a ridge overlooking the lake. The history dates back to Roman & Etruscan times. Dante praised the quality of the eels caught by local fishermen along with perch & pike, all of which feature highly on local menus!

So enjoy these images of the town & the lakeside.

20140827165446_IMG_2538 20140827162522_IMG_2504 20140827162303_IMG_2498 20140827162813_IMG_2508 20140827164220_IMG_2521 20140827165033_IMG_2535 20140827164943_IMG_2533 20140827165020_IMG_2534


As dusk falls  & the sun starts to set a quiet promenade is required through the avenue of large trees to the lakeside. A quiet beer on the ‘beach’ to watch the locals fish & catch the last few rays before dinner in the trattoria on its own small pier over the water. Aaaahhhh!!!

20140827170541_IMG_2549 20140827171035_IMG_2562 20140827173014_IMG_2590 20140827174436_IMG_2604

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