Sailor’s Trousers in Snowdonia

Arriving in Tai’n Lon for a week in Snowdonia was delightful. This small hamlet is huddled around a ford through a typical bubbling mountain stream and we have rented the converted mill. Teresa had assured us that the ford was passable in most vehicles except in the most inclement of weather. Despite some trepidation and with the assurance of a neighbour, we crossed without incident, unloaded our luggage & supplies and recrossed to park up on the higher bank.

The Mill, a really excellent conversion, is snug and comfortable with underfloor heating and 2 wood-burning stoves – a great base from which to explore North Wales.

However, little did we know that Noah lived close by and he was well advanced in his preparations for the Flood. Not only was the weather so inclement that it rained since our arrival with monotonous regularity but it also deluged with such force that at times it sounded like a symphony of African drums on the velux windows – rhythmically soothing any growing anxiety about rising stream levels. The waters did grow & snarl & grabble to the point of preventing vehicular access but the narrow, hand railed bridge was sufficient for pedestrians to walk over with logs, food etc like Sherpas crossing Himalayan torrents to provision groups of intrepid explorers.

So trips out were made in the gaps in the wet weather. I always feel that grey, stormy skies provide atmosphere and character to places and images. Well they did in Caernarfon where easily the best thing is the powerfully impressive castle built by Edward I.

It rained on the day we visited Criccieth. The ruined castle was built & inhabited by Welsh Kings until it was taken over by, yes that’s right Edward I again, who strengthened the defences and used it as a second home to contain the locals.

The weather was mostly kind to us on the visit to Portmeirion. The rain ceased temporarily and sailors trousers appeared within the grey skies, although sadly not enough to make a whole pair and only permitting short slots for the bright facades and colourful rendering of this magical place to stand out from the gloom.

And what a delight it was. These images will cheer you up where ever you are, whatever the weather.

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