Tenerife – an island of mixed contrasts

Dawn on the last day dawns. The weather forecast predicted solid sun all day. It’s more like solid cloud all day. Now we know the island we know what to do. Go seek the sun….and within a 10 minute drive the cloud cover breaks and clears and a blue sky stretches from horizon to horizon. That is how it remains on the south coast until we drive back and hit the clouds in the north and temperatures drop a good 15°. This island is so fickle. When its cloudy and cool in the south it’s clear and hot in the north and visa-versa. It seems the sun can always be found somewhere.

So we find a bit of scruffy, rocky beach and while away the day with no-one & nothing to disturb us except the roaring surf rushing to break itself open onto the land and some manic wind turbines exhausting themselves in the high winds.

So another trip comes to an end. This is a island of contrasts – historic centres surrounded by sun-seeking resorts, lounging sunbedders and striding, booted walkers, the scruffy east coast and the exotic west, passionate locals & resorted tourists. There is one motorway that runs most of the way around the edge of the island and loads of squiggly roads that take you inland to the mountainous centre and nature park. A local bus service takes walkers out along the coast road to drop them off so they can walk break our their other way around. Really good for those intrepid hikers.

Tenerife is full of contrasts, yet a great place to explore.

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