The sunny side of the Oslo marathon

Woke up to a glorious day. Had lots of plans about grabbing the ‘hop on’ bus to museums only to be disappointed as it wasn’t running from the centre because all the buses and trams had been diverted due to the running of the Oslo marathon. Curses!

But a blessing in disguise. Walked down to the docks area and, over coffee at the Nobel Peace Museum, reassessed the day amongst the starters and finishers.

A two hour trip around Oslo fjord in a rigged schooner is advertised. Yep, that’ll do fine. Didn’t want to be indoors in a dusty museum anyway.

Around the harbour to take in the fort, the dockside developments and the wedge of the new Opera House.

Then out around the islands with their colourful houses amongst ready-to-turn foliage.

Further out, the shore is lined with fragile looking summer-houses. Like Victorian swimming huts these date back to the day when folk wanted privacy and changed in the huts before descending a ladder to get in and out of the water, unseen by neighbours or passing sailors.

Then across the bay mixing it with boats and lighthouse islands.

Loved every moment of it – even the English guide over the PA interspersed with melodious, mindfulness music. A real pinch yourself journey.

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