Goodbye China – a land of contrasts

So, my time in Yunnan province in China is coming to an end. I leave today. I have so many lasting impressions and rectified so many misconceptions about this huge country:

o friendly, welcoming, people with many open mouths gazing at us, strange westerners

o excellent road and rail infra structure although all seem almost empty of traffic and most seem to anticipate future need

o bustly cities with a feel of affluence and a commonality with the west –  modern/western cars, shops, IPhones, fashion

o litter-free streets; here is always someone sweeping the streets & pavements in town and country

o rural areas are farmed by older peasant labour; terraces at this time of year grow rape seed, tobacco, wheat & broad beans

o spicy, tasty food although the locals in the countryside eat noodles as a staple food leaving the rice to sell as an income generator

o freedom & fostering of religious beliefs

o pride in traditions & customs amongst the old but not so much the young who claim their street cred in Nike trainers and Timberland boots

Some images which reflect the contrast that is this part of China:













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