Thames Crossings

Many of you have so enjoyed my blog over the past few years that you suggested that I write a book. Well, I heard you and I have done just that. I chose a journey that started close to home in Oxford. Over weeks and months last summer, I travelled along the towpath of the River Thames from its source in fields around Kemble in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds to its estuary into the North Sea. As I journeyed I photographed every crossing over and under the river. These take the form of bridges, tunnels, fords and ferries and even include a cable car. I have carried out research on every crossing and written some blurb about what is there now and what was there in the past..

12-old-mans-bridge-5895 16-newbridge-5655

53-gatehampton-railway-bridge-0194 113-tower-bridge-9555


Well, my dear friends and followers, you can now buy this book – £14.95 plus postage and packing. I have set up a website called Clay Kettle Books through which you can order as many copies as you wish (an ideal Christmas present for friends and family). Even if you don’t wish to purchase a copy have a look at the website. There is a gallery of images from my travels and you can also access my blog from there. Put it in your favourites – it will be the platform through which future publications will be available.

To order all you have to do is log onto and contact me there or email me at Once I hear from you I will respond with payment details and time scale. Thanks for reading.

I’ll be back in the blogging saddle in 2017 with a trip to Yunnan’s Fire Sacrifice Festival in Southern China. See you all then.

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