Village life in Luzon Province

So now it’s back down though the cloud and mist and grey to the lowlands on the way to Manila to grab a flight south to the beach. First is a drop off in a small settlement called Sta. Juliana, a one street village in the middle of a military firing range. Most of the locals are either farmers or earn a living in their 4x4s driving tourists up to the start of a trail up to the crater of their local volcano, Mount Pinatubo. I’ve put this collection of images together to show what village life is all about – from cool dudes with machetes to kids with catapults to mums with amazing babies to dads  in carts pulled by caraboue to even cooler cowboy dudes. I you get a sense of timelessness and peace and calm and the inevitability of this life.


20160217232742_IMG_5411 20160217234951_IMG_5439 20160217233042_IMG_5415 20160218022201_IMG_5488 20160218021344_IMG_5475 20160217233529_IMG_5425 20160218021817_IMG_5481


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