Arriving in Dhaka, the heaving capital of Bangladesh

Nothing can prepare you for Dhaka. It is the 7th largest city in the world and the fastest growing one. Thousands arrive from the country every day to find work & wealth. The streets are clogged with battered buses held together with fibre glass, with smashed headlights, cracked windscreens & all weather air con through the empty windows. Human sardines peer out of their mobile cans, worry sketched on their faces, praying that their interminable journey will eventually end. Caged ..?tuk tuks, yes with metal grills on either side, follow on amongst their bigger brothers. Then the cars & lorries manoeuvre into the gaps. Mix in with this the thousands of rickshaws & their wirey riders & you get the picture. Horns blare constantly as these vehicles snag their way from jam to jam. Held up stationary for 10 minutes, a quick dash for all of 2 metres to be repeated time after time after time. Any journey takes hours. Yet the air quality is good as all engines are run on natural gas so no exhaust & no pollution!!

20150318021634_IMG_8853 20150318032019_IMG_8899 20150318043451_IMG_9035 20150318043905_IMG_9053 20150318044718_IMG_9063

A bit of extra info about the rickshaw companies. There are 400,000 rickshaws in Dhaka. One guy may well own 100 or so rickshaws. Other guys will rent one out for 24 hours at a cost of 150 taka, about £1.50. The longest you can ride is an eight shift so 3 guys will each do one of these. The average each will make is 400 taka, about £4.00 a day – £2.50 profit per day. Here are some of the main men who fight the big boys through the streets.

20150318043039_IMG_9027 20150318042436_IMG_9014 20150318042309_IMG_9013 20150318042636_IMG_9018 20150318042143_IMG_9004 20150318035808_IMG_8984 20150318032758_IMG_8921 20150318032316_IMG_8910

Dhaka holds some fascinating sights in amongst the smash & grab of its streets. The locals stand & gaze at us. All fascinated by a group of whiteys and SO friendly – waves & smiles, jokes bout cricket & laughter. Wonderful. They want to take my picture!!

20150318043742_IMG_9051 20150318043711_IMG_9048 20150318043614_IMG_9044 20150318042023_IMG_8998 20150318040038_IMG_8985 20150318035058_IMG_8942 20150318035456_IMG_8964 20150318035503_IMG_8966 20150318035002_IMG_8938




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