The Bird Market in Yuen Po Street Gardens

Just around the corner from the flower shops I climb some steps to the tranquility of the Bird Market. Here enthusiasts, all men, bring their singing birds to show off to each other & anyone passing. Captured in beautiful lacquered cages these minute bejewelled creatures sing out to the world under the gaze of their proud owners.

20141216073042_IMG_6920 20141216074227_IMG_6970 20141216074025_IMG_6965 20141216075326_IMG_7015 20141216074311_IMG_6974 20141216074906_IMG_6997

Some come to buy a new addition to their choral menagerie. So many factors need to be taken into account that any decision seems to take an age.

20141216075035_IMG_7001 20141216074532_IMG_6984 20141216073509_IMG_6938

Some are here to buy cages or perches or cage hoods or feed – large plastic bags which hold egg cartons & hundreds of large juicy crickets.

20141216080213_IMG_7036 20141216080023_IMG_7028 20141216073600_IMG_6943

My favourite place so far.

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