Flower shops on Flowermarket Street

It’s just what it says on the map – a block of 3/4 streets that house, side by side, flower shops of every size, type & description. Shops overflow with crates & pots, with cut flowers & potted plants. The clusters of pink & red & white roses compete with the tall elegance of purple orchids & 20141216071638_IMG_6888 20141216071819_IMG_6895 20141216071054_IMG_6870 20141216071333_IMG_6880 20141216071854_IMG_6897 20141216072254_IMG_6906

with a thousand bright red poinsettia ready for Christmas displayed within & outside a fair number. Some offer bouquets already assembled & displayed whilst others house sellers cutting & arranging floral tributes for every occasion. Each shop specialises not only in the type of plant but in a certain colour of the spectrum & artists’ palette.

The customers search through the hundreds of seemingly similar plants or bunches or bouquets to find that one perfect bloom or arrangement for that special person or that special place in their home or that special festival or occasion. Their faces reflect the concentration they bring to their quest.

20141216071220_IMG_6876 20141216071156_IMG_6874 20141216071425_IMG_6882 20141216072101_IMG_6901




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