Downtown Cartegana

Downtown Cartegano surrounds the Old Town. This is where the locals live – a mixture of the descendants of the Spanish colonialists, the indigenous peoples & the African slaves. Small quiet neighbourhoods are positioned next to noisey traffic arterial routes with shopping malls & smaller businesses selling everything from beach wear to electrical goods.

Quiet streets with low buildings, interspersed with squares & piazzas, form the grids where the locals live. The colour is provided by the painted rendering, huge green pot plants & a lot of grafitti of varying quality, all finished off with African & salsa rythmns coming from open windows & doorways.

20141020144604_IMG_5629 20141020144850_IMG_5634 20141020145021_IMG_5640 20141020145528_IMG_5650 20141020150229_IMG_5665

20141020153941_IMG_5746 20141020151101_IMG_5677 20141020151444_IMG_5683 20141020150430_IMG_5669

Soon one hits the Downtown area. Shopping precincts & shopping centres front the arterial roads full of honking taxis, smoking buses, motor bikes, carts & street vendors. The reason for so many taxis is down to the lack of parking spaces & the high cost of petrol for private vehicles.

20141020152522_IMG_5705 20141020152349_IMG_5699 20141020153259_IMG_5724 20141020153335_IMG_5728

Where the Old Town & Downtown Cartagena merge buildings & cultures exist side by sside – theatres & clubs & cinemas & bars & galleries & colleges cater for all types.

20141019165610_IMG_5497 20141019165736_IMG_5499 20141020150249_IMG_5666

There is such a mixture of people here. They share one characteristic Рthey are so friendly. People call across the welcome us to their country, morning & evening greetings are common, we are approached in the street to see where are from. All are exceptionally proud of their country & their city & want us to see its best features. Even the hawkers can have a laugh when i try to sell them my old watch or reject their Panamas because my head is so large. A lovely people.

20141020152123_IMG_5695 20141020154954_IMG_5773 20141019165556_IMG_5496



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