Bogota from above

It seems it is a ‘must’ for any visitor to Bogota to go up Monserrate by cable car or venicular railway – you pays yer money & takes yer choice. The queue disguised itself by seeming short on the outside but turning into a cattle market once inside the building. Never mind the one hour wait to get into the cable car we we assured of wonderful views of the city from the top and we were not disappointed. Even on the way up Bogota spread away to the far peaks & ranges of the Andes on the horizon for 180 degrees


Coming down required a decision – 2 hours queuing for cable car was the same for the railway. The one thing about a queue is that you get to know the people around you – practically all Colombian with very few westerners. Families  & groups of all ages take this trip up another 500 metres. The atmosphere is jovial & calm. Noone gets irrate or angry. Just part of the journey. The railway gets the vote and the long wait brings the splendour of the city at night. Sorry about the quality as the image of a cramped cattle market applies to the vehicles as well as the queue!!




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