Men’s toys on the mountain railway

Having woken up in the gnomes’ houses in the pine forest, we have a gnome’s breakfast of nettle fritters, curds, hedgerow infusions & home cured ham.

We travel to Mokra Gora in the poring rain and there take the Sargan Eight up to, you guessed it, Sargan Vitasi. The reason it is called Sargan Eight is that it loops up the mountain through wonderful scenery and the track follows a figure of eight path to get to the top.

The journey starts from Mokra Gora.







At the top the engine goes up, comes back, goes past, comes back and the back becomes the front – if you see what I mean.


And off we go down again.



This is the engine driver!!


And this man is really important because he wears the hat & blows the whistle!!


Accommodation that night is in another gnome’s house in a replica tradional village called Kustendurff built by film director Ernier Kusturica ( I’ve never heard of him). Very quirky – a bit like a wooden, Serbian Port Median.

Have a look




This lady is a living person!




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