From sunbed city at Bodvar up to the peace of Skader Lake

Got to show you this from last night. The storm clouds gather over the island outside Kotor.


This led to a huge storm overnight with thunder, lightening & torrential rain. We left the damp streets of Kotor to wind our way down the coast to Bodvar. A lovely mediaeval fortified town with any patch of beach hosting cheek by jowel sunbeds.


Work this one out.


From here we head inland up to the mountains & the green tranquility of Virpazer on Lake Skader in the national park.









After lunch in this small lakeside village (grilled eel in my case – a local speciality; come on, got to be tried once) we take a leisurely trip around this huge lake.


The skipper & his mate!!



I forego a bevvy at the local bar on my return.


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