The boat – my home for a week

Well two boats actually, one with 6 people the other with 10, both with crews of four. You’ll see lots of pics of the other boat at sea as it is rather difficult to take photos of own boat in its entirety. For instance here is our sister ship arriving at our first night’s mooring beside an inhabited island called Gulhi on South Male Atoll


My lovely little cabin.


Looking into the galley (sailing term for kitchen!!) from the table where we eat.


Of course we all need masks, snorkles & flippers.


Having spent a day snorkling and cruising & cruising and snorkling, we come up to a sand bank in the middle of nowhere with nothing on it but a very trendy sculpture made of drift wood – 30 paces long! (the sandbank that is). Yes, we drop anchor, snorkle, eat dinner, do some night fishing and watch the sunset before settling down for our second night on the high seas with no sign of land in any direction.


Have snitched these as I did not have an underwater camera and I saw them all.





Line caught tuna & a Jack fish were landed & consumed later in the week.



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